Fridge poetry

I noticed that a friend had these on her fridge and so ended up buying them myself (although we haven’t used them yet).  This is part of my ongoing quest to get my son interested in reading and writing, you see, although this hasn’t worked so far.

Fridge poetry and frequently used words
Fridge poetry and frequently used words

In the meantime, I have been freaking myself out by reading threads on the Mumsnet “Gifted and Talented” board.  Seriously?  There are six year olds who have read all the Harry Potter books?  Blimey.

4 thoughts on “Fridge poetry

  1. We had all these magnetic words when C was little, I highly recommend them! She was an early reader and I found she enjoyed making sentences each day. The woman on MumsNet who let her 6 yr old read Harry Potter is bonkers. The later books are quite violent and dark. They’d have terrified C at 6!!

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    1. I tend to take some like this with a bit of a pinch of salt. I’m reading the BFG to my son (one or two chapters a night). I’m not convinced that, even if he could read it, he would understand all of Harry Potter.

      Having said that, I read quite a few “classics” when I was 13 ish and realised I hadn’t understood whole chunks of them when I reread as an adult.

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  2. The Gifted and Talented board is good for inspiring terror and a sense of losing the arms race. There’s a marvellous Fight To The Death over whose children are actually clever enough for people to be allowed to post there. Lots of stuff about percentiles and bell curves (how the hell do people KNOW this?).


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