Dresses for summer and autumn

My daughter is going through a Phase.  She wants to wear a dress, Mummy, a pretty party dress.  She is not terribly pleased when I say that she’ll be climbing / painting / getting muddy and wearing her favourite dress will just mean that it gets filthy.

So I ended up buying this from Boden.  It is a pretty dress – but it’s also made of towelling material!  Good for the beach!  Good for the playground!  Easy to wash!  Hurrah!

Towelling dress
Towelling dress

I also had a little look at Question Everything and ended up buying this dress. It is made of corduroy so is more of a dress for autumn but that is okay.  I really like that it is black – it’s hard to find black clothes for children.  Perhaps the manufacturers find dressing children in black morbid.

Question Everything
Question Everything

Speaking of summer dresses, I found the short story The Girls in Their Summer Dresses online.  I’d read about it in Elizabeth Wurzel’s book Bitch but now that I’ve read it, I can’t really see what the fuss was about.

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