Heroes of the garden

A year ago, I planted this Guelder Rose and it’s flowered so prettily, I rather regret putting it at the back of the flowerbed.  Every now and then I catch a glimpse of it but really it’s done as well as any hydrangea.

Guelder rose
Guelder rose

I didn’t plant these (they seem to spring up all over the IoW) but these wildflowers are looking terrific at the end of my drive.

Pink and white flowers
Pink and white flowers

2 thoughts on “Heroes of the garden

  1. The weed at the end of you drive looks like Centranthus ruber… It was starting to become a kind of bit of a problem when I was at the council because it spreads VERY quickly if allowed to set seed.
    Not as bad as Cleavers for being a pain because it is quite pretty, pollinators love it and you can pull it out easy enough if you don’t like it. It’s not invasive, it just spreads very easily. B-)

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