My roses are out

My roses have started coming out.  In fact, my rose garden is looking really rather nice.  I ended up doing a whole pile of weeding though, as a few of the rose bushes seemed to be getting swamped by all the lemon balm and mint.

Gertrude Jekyll rose
Gertrude Jekyll rose
Claire Austin
Claire Austin

A few of the rose leaves seem to have holes cut out of them – given that I have sage in the rose garden, I will be surprised if this is down to slugs (particularly as they just eat the whole plant, as far as I can see).  My husband’s mum said that there are a few wasps that cut holes out of leaves so perhaps that is it.

Rose garden pre weeding
Rose garden pre weeding

The thing about weeding is it takes all morning or all day or as much time as you have before you absolutely HAVE to stop and attend to something else.  Whenever you think you’re finished, you stand back to admire and then – damn! – see another spot that needs tending.  It didn’t help that I’d put in a load of love in a mist so had to make sure that I didn’t stand on any of the plants while I was weeding.

One thought on “My roses are out

  1. That would be a Leaf cutter bee, (Megachile centuncularis) not a wasp… But those leaves in the pic were not cut by a bee. Bees cut clean, circular shapes rather than just munch holes.

    It could be saw fly larvae?

    And, yes… Weeding is a royal pain. Especially if you can’t devote a little time very day to it! *Le Sigh*

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