Sowing carrots

One thing that the children (visiting and my own) did was sow some carrot seeds.


Last year we grew a variety of especially short, fat carrots but this year we are having a go at growing multicoloured “heritage” carrots.  I have no idea whether they will work – we’d had the seeds over a year so I hope they weren’t off.

One advantage of growing vegetables is that it encourages children to actually eat what they’ve grown.  At the moment, my children are a bit wary of stuff that looks even slightly different from what they’re used to so perhaps this will cure that a bit.  If they work.

3 thoughts on “Sowing carrots

  1. The one trick that worked on me (Ok, this was YEARS ago) was for her to pick a couple of ripe berries off the tree and almost swoon over them, even the ones that were not perfect. This made me want one. even one of the less glamorous ones.

    In time I didn’t care about the looks, I even took to ignoring the odd sour-as-buggery ones that made it through the system! But this was in the 70’s / 80s… A different time.

    My daughter never knew any different. She was brought up eating food… Not looking at a pretty plate. A tomato is a tomato, a strawberry is a strawberry… Even the box of white and purple ones we got her once as a joke! (Not doing THAT again…. They were EXPENSIVE!) O.o

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      1. Yes! Technically still strawberries… If you squint. B-)

        They have a strange taste… I loved them, the wife was not so keen, even though she likes Pineapples and Strawberries.

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