Taking a break from my FitBit

Last year, I posted about my FitBit.  This is a handy thing to have (if a bit dispiriting at times).  Last weekend, I proposed a “Weekend Warrior” challenge with my FitBit friends.  “This will be easy!” I thought.  “I’m going to be walking all day.  There’s no way I can lose!”  Plus I was doing it more-or-less blind as I couldn’t sync in Russia unless I was connected to the WiFi.

And it went well.  Until just before I went to bed on Saturday when another person joined the challenge and her FitBit showed that she’d racked up 56,000 steps.  I assume that she has been running all day marathons as I had no idea that it was possible for someone to rack up so many steps in one day. I mean – I was really happy with my total of about 28,000 (my goal is 10,000).

When I got back, I read this article in the Pool and realised that- yes! I am a toddler who requires constant praise from my gizmos.  I’ve rather got the habit of wearing it all the time, regardless of whether it’s been charged.  This isn’t what I got it for.  I’ve decided to leave it off for a while and give myself a break from the constant monitoring.  Also, I’ve got a (now recovering) patch of eczema that may or may not be caused by wearing the rubber bracelet.

I think this patch of eczema may be caused by my FitBit
I think this patch of eczema may be caused by my FitBit

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