Russian Dolls

While I was in Russia, I bought a couple of Russian dolls for my children.

This one for my son
This one for my son
This one for my daughter
This one for my daughter

The kind lady in the shop said that traditional matryoshka dolls have eight dolls so the one I bought for my daughter is an old fashioned one.  The one I bought my son is a bit more ornate and comes from a Russian fairytale (although I have no idea which one).

Each doll was about £18 (but that is approximate as I converted from roubles).  At the time, I did wonder whether that was an enormous ripoff BUT I do think there is a price to pay for convenience.  I bought them in a shop off Nevski Prospekt which, as far as I can see, is broadly equivalent to Regent Street.  In theory, I could have schlepped for miles to find cheaper dolls but I was only there for two days so it seemed rather a false economy.

2 thoughts on “Russian Dolls

  1. That doesn’t seem to be to high a price. I spent more on some of those I bought in London for my mom. That one was Henry VIII with all his wives in succession as you open it. My mom is fascinated with him and the history around him. So for me it was totally worth the money.

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