The hermitage and winter palace

The Hermitage is HUGE.  We were there for quite a few hours but really only saw a tiny fraction of it.  The winter palace is so enormous, it makes Versailles look small and poky.

The winter palace
The winter palace
The general staff building
The general staff building

I took a few photos but:

  • almost certainly there will be much better photos of it taken by someone else;
  • it was very crowded so quite a few of my photos were mainly Chinese tourists wielding selfie sticks; and
  • there is a limit to how many photos I could be arsed to take.

I found the ceilings the most impressive.






M pointed out that, even if they wanted to, the tsars wouldn’t have gone into most of the rooms because there wouldn’t have been time in the day.

This was very grand
This was very grand
And this!
And this!

It got to the point where I was becoming indifferent to rooms covered in gold leaf.  The chandeliers were beautiful – they must have had a team of servants whose job it was to clean and light them.

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