Sea holly seedlings

So, after my attempt at growing sweet violets from seed (which wasn’t awful, just nothing happened), I am pleased that my sea holly seedlings seem to be going okay.

Sea holly seedlings
Sea holly seedlings

Last weekend, I had a go at repotting the larger ones – I didn’t have enough pots for the smaller ones but that is okay – now that they are thinned out, I can repot those in a couple of weeks.  This variety is the “Superbum” and I hope that most of these survive.

If they do all survive, it may be that I have more than I can plant (even allowing for my ability to overplant) so I may ask my gardener whether he would like a few.  They are very salt tolerant and bees love them.

6 thoughts on “Sea holly seedlings

  1. What conditions did these sprout in? I have tried with many seeds – the Superbum and a regular variety. 3 have worked of the regular, 2 are in the ground and seem to be doing well. But none of my Superbum seeds worked, or they failed pretty early on. I live in Australia. Instructions with the seeds were to keep in the fridge to sprout. But I have also had some sprout from being in a greenhouse as a trial.


    1. I germinated mine in a cold frame outside (in shade), in trays of seed compost (I think I sowed the seeds in April). Then I transferred them to individual pots with multipurpose compost (probably in June). I water them about once or twice a week.

      It’s worth bearing in mind that the Isle of Wight tends to be cooler than, say, London (although it hardly ever has a frost). It is also a much damper climate. A friend has a seed germinator – if it is much hotter and dryer in Australia, I wonder whether one of these in your garage would work for you?

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  2. Thanks a lot! I will order some seeds and try this. We are coming up to Spring which would be sowing time. But I am not sure when to sow now – as you have sown in Spring but would your Spring be similar temps to Australia’s early Autumn? Last time I followed the directions on the packet (which were written for planting in the UK or Europe) so I did sow in Spring. But perhaps it might be better to try early Autumn. Thanks for following me too 🙂


    1. Where in Australia are you? Is it the super hot or the slightly less hot bit?

      Basically (I think) for seeds here to germinate they want it to be warm (so above 10C, fairly consistently) but not really hot. You need to keep the soil damp. If it dries out, it won’t work.


      1. South Australia, about an hour and a half from Adelaide- but closer to coast so not super hot. That’s good to know, based on the info that I should keep the Superbum in the fridge to germinate, I thought it had to be quite cold. Now should be a good time then. Will order seeds ASAP! Thanks for your help. Will hopefully be able to comment back with some good news!


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