Dread weeds

Until a few days ago, I had this giant, cabbagy weed immediately in front of my clematis.

It was a monster
It was a monster

I have no idea what it was called but I was afraid to get rid of it, in case I damaged the clematis.  I try not to use any weedkillers – partly because I have herbs dotted around the garden and use them in cooking and partly because I don’t think they are very good for the garden overall.  Plus, if the weed was tangled up in the clematis, there is some risk that the weedkiller gets picked up by the clematis.

My husband ended up using this long handled, twisty tool to hoik this up.  I had considered this but had been afraid that I would damage the roots.  However, I don’t think my husband will have.

Here's it's root
Here’s its root

It was a prickly beast with an almost carrot-like root.  We’ve left it on the driveway because there’s no way this is going on my compost heap.

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