Wildflower meadow in May

My wildflower meadow has started to really perk up.  The ox-eye daisies haven’t flowered yet but there is a lot that is.

Here it is
Here it is

One of my foxgloves have just started to flower – it’s bent over in rather a witchy fashion but I like it.  My other foxgloves are looking a bit strange – very tall and leggy with a much shorter flower than you usually see.  I wonder whether this is because I grew them for seed; perhaps I should have planted them out much earlier.  The smaller ones that I planted out in the shaded garden aren’t yet flowering but are a more orthodox shape.


We’ve got lots of some sort of pink and white flowers in patches at the edge of the garden.   Some are, rather prettily, on top of our wall.  It’s probably not doing the wall any good but never mind.

Our wall
Our wall

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