I’ve just finished Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld.  This was recommended on another blog I read (The Spike) and I liked it more than I had expected to.  It’s had some very mixed reviews, mainly because quite a few people seemed to have intensely disliked the main character.

I thought the title was rather curious.  A Prep school (in the UK) means a school that goes from age seven to 13.  This used to only be for boys but now includes girls (although a girls’ prep school will typically finish at 11).  The idea is that it prepares you for public school (in the UK this means a private secondary school).  Perhaps Americans refer to prep schools as being preparation for college.*

One thing I did like about the book is its references to class – this is interesting to me because I tend to think of the US as being fairly classless, or at least a place where your background isn’t terribly important.  The main character didn’t think that this was the case but perhaps she was biased.

* Sorry to all UK readers who already know what a prep school is.

4 thoughts on “Prep

      1. Ooh it would depend what kind of things you like? I’m not great with crime or horror. I’d recommend Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother, Gone Girl, The Time Travellers Wife, The Girl On The Train, Apron Anxiety, What Falls Away, The Wild Oats Project, Gut, The Other Boleyn Girl, One Day, Me Before You… ❤️❤️❤️


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