The builders haven’t dug up my herb garden yet so my Angelica has been left unmolested.  It’s just started flowering – my understanding is that, once it’s finished, it will die.  My husband’s mum asked whether I was going to glacé it (no, have no idea how I would do that).

I noticed a bee on one of the flowers so this has now become a “desirable” plant from my point of view.  Perhaps when this one dies, I’ll plant another.  It’s quite an interesting, structural plant.

Flower and bee
Flower and bee

2 thoughts on “Angelica

  1. I believe that’s a wasp in the pic, not a bee… But don’t get upset and kill it. Many wasps are solitary and are beneficial because they are parasitic on many insects that ARE problems.

    Oh and if you find a wasp on a plant then a bee won’t be far behind as they both feed on the same kind of plants.

    And its a bit of a myth that they don’t polinate… They do. Just not in any way as much as other insects, like bees and hoverflies, do. And if they do then its VERY specialised… Figs for instance.

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