London Garden

I don’t usually post about my garden in London, mainly because it is basically a paved yard the size of my kitchen table.  However, we’ve done a bit of cutting back and I’m now trying to think of something to put in the bed at the back.

Here it is
Here it is

Whoever planted this garden LOVED variegated plants.  Seriously, the whole thing is a mass of two-tone leaves.

If any of you have any ideas as to what to put here, please do let me know.  It is an east facing garden so this bed faces west.  Because both the wall and the house are tall, it gets very little sunlight – perhaps a couple of hours in the middle of summer.  I had thought of buddleia, which I know is a sun loving plant but as far as I can see, it does well everywhere.  Plus bees and butterflies love it.

Conditions here are quite different from the IoW.  It is very dry, with gritty, alkaline soil.

Something marvellous happened on Thursday – another blogger, the kind author of knowingkimberly, mentioned this blog on hers.  Please do check her blog out.  Her pictures are far nicer than mine.

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