Civic duty

On Wednesday, I hosted an NCT teagroup, which basically means that I get a load of new mums to meet each other at my house and suggest that they arrange a time and place to meet up again.  I like doing this – it isn’t super high effort and it feels good to volunteer for something.  I don’t like to think of new mums being lonely.

The only thing I don’t like about it is when only one or two (or no) people turn up.  I do this in my child free time, you see, so do sometimes think of other things I could be doing.

On Wednesday, only one lady turned up.  She was extremely nice and we had a nice chat but it’s still a bit embarrassing as I feel as though I’ve lured her under false pretences.  She was also very appreciative of all the stuff I circulated about nurseries and preschools – basically, you need to apply for this mere minutes after birth (only exaggerating slightly) to get a spot in the places near me.  I do like feeling appreciated.

The other day, I noticed the hanging baskets hanging outside the Town Hall and thought they were lovely.

I really appreciate these baskets


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