Casa Manolo

I went to a marvellous new place (it’s been open for a couple of months) called Casa Manolo for lunch on Tuesday.  It’s basically a tapas joint but has a deli at the front, along with some nice looking pigs’ legs.

Here you go
Here you go

I was so impressed with it, I ended up tweeting Giles Coren to recommend it.  I regretted doing so almost immediately (so uncool) but at least he replied.

While we were there, we bought some nice looking chorizo and my husband had a chat with the owner about his pig legs.  Before Christmas, my husband ended up schlepping the pig leg home on the Tube from Borough Market so having somewhere a bit closer is a real bonus.

The deli bit
The deli bit

Speaking of Twitter, I had four new followers on Wednesday morning.  Two almost immediately messaged me to find out if I wanted to watch their nude webcam (no…and unfollow).  The third was the author of Life By Lee, which is a nice style blog (far more polished than this one).

The fourth was Boy George.  I was suspicious but there was that tick by his name to say that it was, actually, the real Boy George.  This is very exciting.

By the way, today is Friday the 13th.  You are far too clever to be superstitious about such things, I’m sure.

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