Small purchases

So I’ve just upgraded my blog – it isn’t particularly expensive and, on the free plan, it was 95% full.  I like my blog (now over 100 followers – thanks all!) and want to keep posting so really it seems sensible to make sure that I can.  An advantage of upgrading is that it means I can use other layouts – however, perhaps I like this one?  I’ll have a look and see how I feel.

Another (small) purchase was some more leggings for my daughter.  I’d ordered these ages ago but they weren’t in stock and by the time Next emailed me, it had been about eight weeks.  Still, it was easy enough to get to Moorgate to pick them up.

Charcoal leggings.  £3.50 from Next
Charcoal leggings. £3.50 from Next

The thing with leggings for small girls is that the shops that sell them tend to want to make them fun! wacky! patterned!  Unfortunately, this just means that they won’t go with any of my daughter’s tops and / or will look filthy.  There is really no need for shops to sell sheer white leggings for small children – they will just spill bolognese sauce on them.

I quite like the colour of these – they are neutral enough to go with pretty much anything and shouldn’t show up dirt too badly.

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