Garden in early summer

So, you were right – my garden (on the whole) has not died over winter.  Although I have had to replace a few things, lots have sprung back.  In particular, I love this euphorbia.


There’s something really brilliant about a green flower.  The plant immediately on the right is a globe thistle which flowers in the late summer (I think) so I hope that once the euphorbia is past its best, there will be something else to admire.

My roses have not flowered yet but a couple of the bushes have (small) rosebuds starting.  I’ve done some weeding here.

Rose garden
Rose garden

Last year, I sowed poached egg and love-in-a-mist seeds in a flowerbed, which were glorious when flowering but looked rather terrible the rest of the time.  This year, I sowed them in the bare patches in the rose garden in a (probably vain) attempt to discourage the weeds from taking hold.  Plus honeybees absolutely loved the poached egg plants last year so I don’t want to deprive them.

Violas, lavender, nepeta and sea holly
Violas, lavender, nepeta and sea holly

We ended up buying a load of violas at B&Q, which planted along the box hedge (it looks as though a few poached egg plants are coming through too but not enough to be a problem).  I’ve also planted a couple of smaller lavenders in the main part (from memory, “Arctic snow” and “Grosso”) along with a nepeta (doing surprisingly badly but perhaps it just needs a summer to get going) and a sea holly.

Now, I tend to be a bit snobby about violas (supermarket flowers!) but these are actually very nice – and I’ve noticed a few bees on them.  Sometimes I wonder whether I should have only planted blue and purple violas but then this bed would be a sea of blue and I think there is a limit to how tasteful a garden should be.  Plus the yellow ones are doing really well.

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