Another plant haul

One advantage of having had that tree cut back is that it has revealed a lot more of the garden.  My husband suggested that, as the top is on a steep slope and is full of tree roots, I could plant wild flowers in that spot.  We had a bit of a chat about this – the problem with wild flowers is that they are, well, wild and my husband will be sad if they get into the main bit of the lawn.  Ideally, I would put foxgloves in the spot but they are so poisonous, I am a bit loathe to have them in a spot where the children run around.  In the end, we settled for primroses so I went and bought five, all in different colours.

Yes, I bought ten more plants.  There is always room for more
Yes, I bought ten more plants. There is always room for more

As well as primroses, I bought a golden thyme (as I only have one really good ball of non-lemon thyme), three heathers (to go on the bank) and a French tarragon (because they had it at the garden centre).  I put the tarragon in the rose garden (as it is walled and therefore a bit more protected), the thyme in the flowerbed at the back of the garden (lots of sunlight, not much water) and shoved the heathers in where a load of heucheras had died (probably too much sun and not enough water).

The children helped me plant them, until I picked them each a stem of winter flowering heliotrope and told them to chase each other round the garden.

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