Shredding garden waste

We’ve just bought a garden shredder.  The idea is that the hedge cuttings will go in the dalek bin, along with grass cuttings.

Now, in the video advertising this, a good looking German lady uses it (looking cheerful) and then sits in her garden, drinking wine and admiring it (looking cheerful).  When I use it, I swear under my breath, snap at the children to keep away and repeatedly jam it.  I think this is probably more about me than about the shredder.


It does produce a nice lot of shredded waste though.  Rather satisfying to see.

Shredded waste
Shredded waste

3 thoughts on “Shredding garden waste

  1. Just like Joshua said… It will REALLY speed up the composting!

    Also… If it will do wood you can make your own wood chippings for mulching. Some shredders are only for green waste though so be careful.

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  2. Yes, we hope it will mean fewer trips to the dump.

    We can use it for both leaves and wood HOWEVER if you have a lot of leaves, you need to make sure that you bung in a long piece of wood to get sucked through otherwise it gets jammed. Which is my problem.


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