Plant haul

On Tuesday, my husband and I dropped the kids at the nursery in the IoW and drove to a garden centre called Thompson’s, which is near Amazon World.  I had a few things I wanted to get – some of my plants hadn’t survived from last year (perhaps I am overzealous with the pruning) and I wanted replacements.

Replacing plants tends to make me feel guilty.  I think it’s the act of digging up the rootball and bunging it on the compost heap.  I was a bit irritated that my pink lavender had died (except for a few green bits at the side) as all the others were looking super and it had been quite hard to find a Loddon Pink.

Plant haul!
Plant haul!

I found a white lupin, some sea holly, a globe thistle, some Miss Katherine lavender (pink flowers – replacement for the Loddon Pink), rosemary and a plant I can’t remember the name of (but is meant to be okay with some shade).

I do like garden centres.  Perhaps I am getting old.  A well stocked garden centre is a beautiful thing.  This one even had all the types of mint I’ve been eyeing up – chocolate, Apple, ginger.  Unfortunately, I haven’t convinced my husband that planting mint won’t colonise the lawn.

We had lunch there and I saw this handsome beast.

I gave him some of my tuna.  He was grateful
I gave him some of my tuna. He was grateful

My husband bought a dalek compost bin (he is unsatisfied with my compost bin’s slow progress), some compost accelerater, a hedge trimmer, some plant food and some extra parts for the garden hose.

My daughter helped me plant my plants and she was actually helpful.  I dug the hole, she put compost in, I put the plant in and we both filled the hole in with soil and compost.  It took about seven years but that is okay.

While I was about it, I watered a load of my plants, including the wildflower patch.  One of the foxgloves has a spire that is bending over sideways, making me thing it may lack water.  Of course, it may just not be that great a plant.

7 thoughts on “Plant haul

  1. Whatever that one closest to the camera is… Did you get a tag with that? I picked one up on my travels while at the council and nobody knew it’s name.
    So far on my notes it’s just down as ‘Bob’… >.>

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