Getting a Russian visa

On Friday morning, my friend M and I got the bus to the Russian Visa place, off the Goswell Road, after dropping our kids at preschool.  I was super pleased with myself for having filled in the form ages ago and was all smug until M, completing it the night before, asked me a couple of questions that made it clear that I had totally missed out an important section and would need to reprint it.

I had been kind of dreading the visa place itself – my only face to face experience in getting a visa was at the American embassy, where everyone was rather brusque (my husband and I paid a service to sort out our visas for India and for Tanzania, I posted my passport off to their embassy).  However, we were seen pretty much immediately after being security searched by a kind man who told us a bit about his little son back in Egypt.

One funny thing – if you don’t have a job, you have to sign a declaration that you are a housewife.  I think this is because otherwise, you need to show a load of bank statements to prove that you have enough money to hang out in Russia.  Some of M’s documents hadn’t printed properly but they have a lady with a printer who will print them out for you (I think at some cost but at least it doesn’t mean making a new trip).

The visa will be ready on 11 May.  Afterwards, my husband and I went for a walk in Barnard Park and saw these beautiful blossom trees.

White blossom
White blossom

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