I am really enjoying Trapped, which I first heard about on Belgian Waffling.  Trapped is basically an Icelandic police drama involving a lot of snow and some thick winter coats.  So, like Fortitude, it is right up my street.  Plus, I’ve been to Iceland and recognise some of the shots of Reykjavík.

One thing I have noticed, though, is that the Danish actors (there are a couple) have been in pretty much every “Nordic” thing around.  Denmark is a country with a population similar in size to Scotland and, it seems, about four actors.  The ferry captain was the dad and his first mate the mayor in the Killing.

I had a delicious glass of dry white wine while watching it.  I bought the bottle from the Sampler, where I know the lady behind the counter and can say (without too much shame) that I want a bottle of “dry white wine, about a tenner, to dry watching telly while my husband is out having fun”.  It’s tempting, in places like wine shops, to pretend a sophistication or knowledge that really isn’t required.

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