Fruits de mer

My husband has been talking about how much he fancies fruits de mer for a few days so, on Tuesday lunchtime, we went to Prawn on the Lawn.

Fruits de mer
Fruits de mer

The nice lady suggested that if we wanted wine, we should try some English sparkling wine.  And we did (see the funky flat glasses).

Somehow, it feels more decadent to have fruits de mer for lunch on a Tuesday than it would on, say, a Friday.  Ours had whelks, which are more or less sea snails.  You need to get right in the shell to get the best bit.

I struggled rather with the crab – some people never seem to struggle but getting the meat out the claws and the long, thin legs is really hard work.  Perhaps it is good for me.

In the evening, my husband went out and I stayed home, watched the Walking Dead and Trapped and went to bed without any dinner.  I didn’t fancy any.

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