Sorting out the children’s books

I have been on a rare tidying spree.  The children’s books were scattered all over the house, making themselves difficult to find and irritating me.  Plus, as I tend to buy children’s books whenever I see that one is recommended, we had stacks in London but hardly any in the IoW.

So.  I’ve taken about a dozen to the IoW so the children will have some there and sorted the London books into two lots – the ones to go on the bookcase outside the children’s bedrooms and the ones to go in the book caddy in the basement.

Books outside the bedrooms
Books outside the bedrooms

This has rather inspired me to start going through all the books – there are some brilliant ones on our shelves but there are plenty that no one is ever going to read again.  They could also do with dusting.

Book sorter in the basement
Book caddy in the basement

I bought the book caddy from the Great Little Trading Company, whose stuff tends to be fiendishly expensive and, frankly, not as good quality as John Lewis, but whose ideas are often completely brilliant.  However, my husband once declared that we were never buying from them again after he spent all evening manufacturing their play garage.

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