I read something on The Spike last week about a jewellery designer called Phoebe Coleman.  I’m not familiar with her stuff (and, to be honest, I’m not about to become familiar with it – I have enough).  However, some of it reminds me of Rust, which is based in the Isle of Wight and is very pretty.

Lovely arrow earrings
Lovely arrow earrings

I have cropped the photo above because I look so appalling in it, I don’t do justice to the earrings.  I’m not especially vain but there are limits.

I do have rather a sense of guilt about Rust.  AGES ago, I went in to ask about one of her pendants and whether they do 18 inch long chains (I have a bull neck).  She got an 18 inch chain in, emailed me about it and I completely forgot to go in.  In my defence, it was immediately before Christmas.  Even so, I am quite embarrassed.  I am usually more considerate than that.

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