The wildflower patch is starting to get going

I am pleased about this.  Only a couple of plants have flowered so far but the longer days and warmer weather have made all the plants (weeds?) stronger and more vigorous.  It’s rather got to the point where I don’t know exactly which are plants I’ve put in myself and which have “self seeded”.  The foxgloves, on the whole, I put in (either as fully grown plants or as seedlings I grew myself).

Wildflower patch in April
Wildflower patch in April

Some wildflowers have come up in different spots.  I found a cowslip next to my lavender at the front and some wild garlic in the front lawn.  Both can stay as far as I am concerned.

Wild garlic (I think)
Wild garlic (I think)

I also have a patch of primroses in the shady bit of the front lawn.  These are doing awfully well, despite the scarifying last autumn.

Primroses - there's a pink one at the back
Primroses – there’s a pink one at the back

I know that you can get green primroses, which I find an interesting idea.  I love green flowers but am not sure whether cultivated wildflowers are still wildflowers.  Does it matter?

Speaking of seedlings, I realised this weekend that a couple of the lupins I shoved in the ground are still going.  This is a very exciting development – I had assumed that they all hated the Isle of Wight and died just to disoblige me but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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