Rose garden

I planted the rest of the violets in a clump in the rose garden, near the back.

Rose garden
Rose garden

I had quite a delicious time weeding the rose garden – for some reason, it has loads of weeds at the front but few at the back.  Perhaps because it is drier there – I will need to keep this watered.

A while ago, I put down some love in a mist and poached egg plant seeds, along with some compost, and they’ve germinated.  I hope they will keep some of the mint / lemon balm at bay.

3 thoughts on “Rose garden

  1. Speaking of mint, I saw some chocolate mint (smells just like after eights) and ginger mint for sale at Osborne House. I was SORELY TEMPTED but thought my husband would be cross if I planted yet more mint to invade our garden (I did not plant any of the garden mint in the rose garden, I must point out). He has something bordering on a phobia of mint, presumably because his parents’ garden was overrun.

    I do have both basil mint and black peppermint. Although both have spread a little, I don’t think that either has invaded. I planted them in the terrace, which is chock full of stones so perhaps that helps.


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