Yesterday, we took my son to the Millennium Bridge, the Tate Modern and St Paul’s Cathedral.  He loved the bridge but found some of the art in the Tate a bit difficult (he did have a point – we only looked at a couple of rooms to be fair.  I am not a sadist).  We climbed to the top of St Paul’s nice and quickly but at the top I remembered that I actually find being so high quite frightening.  Unfortunately I’d forgotten to charge my FitBit so have no idea what my step count is.

I met my brother for lunch at a new place called Shosharu.  This is Japanese and does sharing plates.  It rather has a look of Hakkasan but perhaps that isn’t all that surprising.  The food was lovely – enough for lunch but I would have ordered more for dinner (or perhaps ordered different things).  They have really exciting Japanese toilets that play you music (my brother texted afterwards that his “fav bit was the loo.  How festive”) and have different functions to clean your bits while you are on the loo.  I should have taken a photo but didn’t.

Instead, have a look at my lovely camellia.  I’m such a terrible gardener in London – I ignore this and ignore it and it flowers beautifully year after year.


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