Question Everything

As my daughter only really wants to wear party dresses these days, I’ve bought her another one from these people.  I’d never heard of them until I went to that bridesmaid shop in Pimlico, Little Bevan.  Anyway, they have last year’s stock reduced so I bought one of last year’s dresses.

Willow Dress
Willow Dress

I did have a brief moment of panic because I opened the envelope with scissors and cut the plastic packaging – I don’t think I cut the fabric though.  This will look super with the yellow cardigan I’ve just bought my daughter (more on that tomorrow).

2 thoughts on “Question Everything

  1. My four year old niece won’t wear jeans, only stretchy “legging”-style pants, much to my sister’s chagrin (she’ll wear a dress with stockings, she prefers a dress with stockings), but spring is here and my sister tried to take her shopping for shorts (to wear to the park) and it was a no go.

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