Damn rain

Yesterday it rained all bloody day.  This is a pity – I’d really enjoyed all the sunshine we’d been having.  Plus, I’d forgotten to put our garden waste out for the recycling guys so I have two bags in the light well at the front, getting soggier and soggier (they are under the stairs but this is not foolproof).

My daughter announced when she woke up (7am) that she “wanted to wear a party dress, Mummy.  A princess dress”.  I offered her a bunch of dresses, which she rejected in turn.  We managed to negotiate a bit and she wore a denim dress from Next and some leggings.  I also managed to convince her that wearing a cardigan would complete the outfit (and stop people from judging me for letting my daughter go out in the rain with bare arms).

Here are some photos of the Isle of Wight NOT in the rain.  I know that things will cheer up soon but it’s hard to imagine.

Alum bay
Alum bay
Compton Bay
Compton Bay

We’ve run out of milk.  I need to go out and buy some but keep putting it off and putting it off. Oh well.

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