On Wednesday evening, we went out for dinner with B and M at Scott’s.  This is a place I hadn’t been to before and I liked it a lot.  I haven’t spent much time in Mayfair before – it’s quite different from the rest of London.  The shops and restaurants have fantastic flowers outside – and because they never look skanky, you know that they hire firms to make sure that they always look fresh.  I don’t think people in Mayfair (and other areas of west London, as far as I know) tolerate shoddy flower displays.

Lovely blue hydrangeas
Lovely blue hydrangeas

To start with, I had Jersey rock oysters and then I had lemon sole.  Both utterly delicious, although I was rather jealous of M’s monkfish and tiger prawn masala.

Lemon sole
Lemon sole

For pudding, I had bakewell pudding.  B had that too.

Bakewell pudding
Bakewell pudding

Afterwards, we all went for cocktails at Mews of Mayfair, where I had two massive gin and tonics.  My husband went on to meet some other people after that but I was done and wandered off home to watch series 5 of the Walking Dead.

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