Fossils and sowing seeds

Our lovely friends have gone home and my husband is scarifying the back lawn so I have a few minutes to post.

The other day, my gardener came round and we had a chat.  He has kindly cut my pyracantha right back (to half the size) and we agreed that the violas (although a bit of a supermarket flower) are doing well.  He also told me that virtually no one can grow sweet violets from seed which made me feel so much better – I’ve just sowed my sea holly in their place and used the violet seed compost in the bed with the lavender.

The other day, we went to Compton Bay.  This has black sand and is super muddy but is also a good spot for finding dinosaur fossils.  We didn’t see any but when the tide is out, you can see dinosaur (Iguandon and a predecessor of Tyrannosaurus Rx, I think) footprints.

Black sand!
Black sand!


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