Riding school

The other day I took my son for a riding lesson at Hill Farm (haven’t linked as I’m writing this on my phone) in Freshwater.  This is a good activity – it’s outside, teaches a skill and you can’t do it in central London.

I’m always rather on a back foot at riding schools.  People who are “into horses” seem to have a totally alien set of terminology for almost everything.  Plus my son, as an insanely overconfident north London boy, had to be told (by me) that the brisk lady there was IN CHARGE and that he had to do as he was told and NOT INTERRUPT.

One thing I always forget is just how many dogs there are at riding schools.  This one has about eight seemingly identical brown ones milling about.

This dog likes to stand on the table
This dog likes to stand on the table

My son has told me that next time he wants me to have a lesson.  I am a bit frightened (plus I may be a bit heavy for most of their horses) but it is probably a good idea.

I may not post over the next few days as we have some more lovely friends and their sons coming to stay for a few days.  Will be back after the weekend.  I hope, with a sink that’s fixed and a fridge that is now working.

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