Plumbing failure

Yesterday, we went back up to London for a friend’s wedding.  Which was super.

What wasn’t super was finding a great bloody leak coming from under the kitchen sink.  Such a pain in the arse – my husband has switched off the water and has a new washer to fix it when we get back properly.


Also, our sodding fridge wasn’t working – one of the freezer drawers was a bit out so the freezer door hadn’t closed properly.  So the fridge was warm and the stuff in the freezer was squishy.  So that’s been chucked out.  It is a waste although a friend of my Mum calls the fridge “the place where food goes to die”.

I really hope that the fridge starts working again soon – my husband switched the electricity on and off to reset it as, even when the freezer had been sorted out, the fridge still wasn’t getting cold.  We’ll find out when we get back.

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