The kids and I have had fun sowing some seeds – wildflower, nasturtium, sunflower and candy tufts.  I’ve also sowed some poached egg plant and love in a mist seeds in the rose garden – no idea whether they will work but hey ho.

I am in a bit of a mood with my garden – I know that not all plants survive and that is the lot of gardeners.  However, some things are just ungrateful.  The salvia that I planted in the rose garden has more or less vanished – there are some leaves poking through so I live in hope.  The hyssop and that thing with primrose coloured flowers are a load of sticks with about four leaves on.  The violets I sowed in the cold frame have shown no sign of appearing – not enough water (my husband’s broken ankle meant fewer trips to the IoW) / bad sowing (no instructions as to depth so I guessed – clearly wrongly).

I have some sea holly seeds to sow in the cold frame so I may bin the violet experiment and have a go at the sea holly.  Or I could just go to a really big garden centre and buy some.

At least my compost bin is doing well
At least my compost bin is doing well


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