Plant buying!

I know I’m being a bit useless about posting – we are on holiday for Easter and my laptop in the IoW is the clunkiest, freeziest piece of crap ever.  So I’m doing this on my phone.

The other day I went to the garden centre for a little looky look and found SOME TEUCRIUM.


This is really exciting because I’ve looked and looked for it – so has my gardener – and no one has had it.  But there it was!  So I bought some.

I also got some Californian Lilac, white salvia and lemon thyme (to replace the stuff that died).  I’ve planted the Californian Lilac and the TEUCRIUM at the front where all my Calamintha Nepeta died.  The salvia plugged a gap where some thyme died (I think the bed at the front gets a lot of sea spray).  The lemon thyme replaced some…um…lemon thyme.

The problem with planting new herbs is that my husband, when cooking, tends to ask for massive fistfuls of rosemary / sage / thyme / whatever and that isn’t always possible when the plants are this new.  I am very territorial over the herbs as I am convinced that if anyone else cuts into them, they will die.  However, this seems to happen regardless so perhaps I should chill out.


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