Raw Duck

After Pidgin, we went to Rawduck for a drink.  This has experimental food and some interesting drinks.  My husband loves their rhubarb shrub and they do a few orange wines, which I haven’t seen anywhere else.


We once ordered an orange wine that tasted almost exactly like cider.  It looked like it too.  M had an exxpresso martini and I had white wine.

I’ll post about the food here sometime.  They also do drinking vinegars, which sound intriguing but which I haven’t tried.


On Wednesday night, we went out with B and M to Pidgin.  This is an absolutely tiny restaurant near Hackney Central.

You get four courses, which change weekly, at the absolutely bargain price of £37 each.  It would be far more further west but then, perhaps they don’t pay a lot of rent in Hackney.  We had a bottle of English sparkling wine first then a most delicious bottle of red wine.

All of the food was superb but the pudding was probably as good as any pudding I’ve ever had.

This was amazing - and it's so pretty!
This was amazing – and it’s so pretty!
I might try to order some of this for home
I might try to order some of this for home


I am really enjoying Trapped, which I first heard about on Belgian Waffling.  Trapped is basically an Icelandic police drama involving a lot of snow and some thick winter coats.  So, like Fortitude, it is right up my street.  Plus, I’ve been to Iceland and recognise some of the shots of Reykjavík.

One thing I have noticed, though, is that the Danish actors (there are a couple) have been in pretty much every “Nordic” thing around.  Denmark is a country with a population similar in size to Scotland and, it seems, about four actors.  The ferry captain was the dad and his first mate the mayor in the Killing.

I had a delicious glass of dry white wine while watching it.  I bought the bottle from the Sampler, where I know the lady behind the counter and can say (without too much shame) that I want a bottle of “dry white wine, about a tenner, to dry watching telly while my husband is out having fun”.  It’s tempting, in places like wine shops, to pretend a sophistication or knowledge that really isn’t required.

Fruits de mer

My husband has been talking about how much he fancies fruits de mer for a few days so, on Tuesday lunchtime, we went to Prawn on the Lawn.

Fruits de mer
Fruits de mer

The nice lady suggested that if we wanted wine, we should try some English sparkling wine.  And we did (see the funky flat glasses).

Somehow, it feels more decadent to have fruits de mer for lunch on a Tuesday than it would on, say, a Friday.  Ours had whelks, which are more or less sea snails.  You need to get right in the shell to get the best bit.

I struggled rather with the crab – some people never seem to struggle but getting the meat out the claws and the long, thin legs is really hard work.  Perhaps it is good for me.

In the evening, my husband went out and I stayed home, watched the Walking Dead and Trapped and went to bed without any dinner.  I didn’t fancy any.

Sorting out the children’s books

I have been on a rare tidying spree.  The children’s books were scattered all over the house, making themselves difficult to find and irritating me.  Plus, as I tend to buy children’s books whenever I see that one is recommended, we had stacks in London but hardly any in the IoW.

So.  I’ve taken about a dozen to the IoW so the children will have some there and sorted the London books into two lots – the ones to go on the bookcase outside the children’s bedrooms and the ones to go in the book caddy in the basement.

Books outside the bedrooms
Books outside the bedrooms

This has rather inspired me to start going through all the books – there are some brilliant ones on our shelves but there are plenty that no one is ever going to read again.  They could also do with dusting.

Book sorter in the basement
Book caddy in the basement

I bought the book caddy from the Great Little Trading Company, whose stuff tends to be fiendishly expensive and, frankly, not as good quality as John Lewis, but whose ideas are often completely brilliant.  However, my husband once declared that we were never buying from them again after he spent all evening manufacturing their play garage.


I read something on The Spike last week about a jewellery designer called Phoebe Coleman.  I’m not familiar with her stuff (and, to be honest, I’m not about to become familiar with it – I have enough).  However, some of it reminds me of Rust, which is based in the Isle of Wight and is very pretty.

Lovely arrow earrings
Lovely arrow earrings

I have cropped the photo above because I look so appalling in it, I don’t do justice to the earrings.  I’m not especially vain but there are limits.

I do have rather a sense of guilt about Rust.  AGES ago, I went in to ask about one of her pendants and whether they do 18 inch long chains (I have a bull neck).  She got an 18 inch chain in, emailed me about it and I completely forgot to go in.  In my defence, it was immediately before Christmas.  Even so, I am quite embarrassed.  I am usually more considerate than that.