Yet more trousers and shorts

It’s become apparent that virtually none of my son’s trousers fit him any more.  His hips have widened, making them all a bit too tight round the waist (this isn’t helped by tumble drying).  Plus, nearly all of them are much too short.  This must be the reason that incredibly posh prep schools have long shorts as part of the uniform – so the boys don’t outgrow their trousers every four minutes.

Now, Marks and Spencer have started doing their cheapie track bottoms in a five pack.  So I bought one.  These do tend to fall apart but:

  1. They are thin enough for summer; and
  2. They aren’t expensive.
Five pack!
Five pack!

I also bought him some shorts – I think he may be all set for shorts for summer now.  The ones below are incredibly thin (a bit like swimming shorts).  I’m not convinced that I like these all that much but that does mean I’m not going to get too tight lipped when he falls into the sea or covers them in bolognese.

Yes, the green ones ARE a bit of a funny shade
Yes, the green ones ARE a bit of a funny shade

I also got some jersey ones.  These will be really good for gymnastics.

These look comfy
These look comfy

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