The Clear Ear Clinic

The Clear Ear Clinic was a total success – I can now hear!  Hallelujah!  The nice lady said I am NOT to use Otex as it is much too harsh.  However, one downside was that she also had a look in my left ear and that was totally clear – so that ear is just rather deaf, which is a pity.

Blue Legume
Blue Legume

I think my friends will be relieved too.  Yesterday, I met my friend N at the Blue Legume and basically had to lipread.  Then I spent all our time together whinging about my deafness.  This can’t be interesting for other people.

Now, I DID take a photo of the results of the ear suctioning.  My Mum said that I should stop posting so graphically about my ear wax so I haven’t posted the photo in case it grosses all my readers out.  HOWEVER, if you would like me to, please could you say so in the comments?

One thought on “The Clear Ear Clinic

  1. Post it… Shock value if nothing else. B-)

    You could have put it behind a *click here!* text link then people would only have clicked if they wanted to see it.

    Glad you are feeling better. But you should find out just how bad the deafness is. Some kinds are temporary and some are… old age. >.>

    At least you have a cast iron excuse to ignore people if you want to. B-)


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