Getting ready for Easter

My son has been asking EVERY DAY whether it is Easter tomorrow.  It isn’t – and telling him that it is a fortnight, a week, five days away seems to depress him.

On Saturday, my brother and sister-in-law came round and took him out to the shops.  I think my brother was planning to wow him with a bit of Nestle but my son took him to the Angel Deli.  My brother then made the mistake of asking him which Easter egg he wanted – so he pointed to the monster one on the counter and said “That one!”.  I don’t think that my brother really understands four year olds.

Easter eggs from my brother
Easter eggs from my brother

We’ve hidden the Easter eggs away because:

  1. They are too tempting for my son; and
  2. My daughter will go mad if she sees them and isn’t allowed to eat them right away.

I am still completely deaf.  I have booked myself an appointment at the Clear Ear Clinic for later today.

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