Our local Boots (the one at Angel) has been expanded – the Burger King shut down and they took it over.  It took YEARS but now it’s done it looks great.  I was technically in there to look at new toothbrushes but I went and had a little looky look at the Clinique stuff.

Now, I used to have a sheer lipstick by them called Sweet Honey – however that was about 15 years ago and it’s been discontinued (the nice lady had never even heard of it – I am old).

Violet Berry Soft Shine
Violet Berry Soft Shine – it’s nowhere near as dark as it looks here

Now, I don’t like proper lipstick – too claggy – and I have a special hatred for lipgloss (ugh).  This sheer stuff is pretty nice though.  The nice lady was helpful and pointed out that the colour I’d tried just before this one was exactly the same as my natural lip colour.  It was but as I was tired / still a bit poorly / bad tempered, my lips were much paler than usual and the overall effect was a bit too light (I don’t really suit dark eye make up and light lipstick, mainly because I have small piggy eyes).

I like this colour a lot – it’s a bit more subtle than the lip stain I’ve been wearing.

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