Manky jewellery

I have a new toy – a machine for cleaning jewellery (can also clean CDs, glasses etc).  Now, I do clean my jewellery – with some stuff in a pot from John Lewis – but it is rather a fiddle and I’m never convinced that I’ve managed to get into all the cracks all that well.

My watch and jewellery
My watch and jewellery

As far as I can tell, this creates vibrations in the water which get the dirt off.  It runs for 180 seconds (default) but you can do it for longer or shorter if you want.  My son LOVES it; when it is running, he stands on a chair to stare at it and every now and then lifts the lid to have a nose.

Afterwards, everything looked super – properly sparkly (although it wasn’t all that dirty in the first place).  The water looked clear enough although I could see a few flakes of skin (gross, sorry).

Here it is
Here it is

I had a go with my glasses but didn’t let it run for so long – I really, really need my glasses and if they got buggered up, I don’t know how I would get by (by wearing my other pair, I suppose).  The results weren’t so good – next time I’ll let it do its thing for the set time and I’ll put in a dap of washing up liquid (as it says to for glasses).

My sister-in-law (author of Succumb to the Crumb) came round and had a go with her jewellery as well.

Some caution is needed – you can’t use this for pearls or emeralds (as they are porous).  However, you CAN use it for silver, I think.  I’ll go through my jewellery box and have a go at cleaning a few things, I’m sure most of it is filthy.

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