Blocked ear

Yesterday I went a bit mad with the Otex and now my right ear is completely blocked.  I have so totally had enough of this, I can tell you.  I don’t think my doctor’s surgery does ear syringing but perhaps I should ring them on Monday and ask.  I have bought an ear syringe thing off Amazon but am a bit afraid that using it will damage my ear.  Do any of you know anything about this?

I have also had a go at putting Otex in my left ear but, while the right has brought forth a load of brown stuff, the left has brought forth nothing.  It may be that I am just a bit deaf in that ear and I will learn to live with it (or buy a hearing aid).

Yesterday, I also got to see some new chicks at my children’s nursery (five of the seven eggs hatched, which was exciting).  I had a nice chat with one of their teachers.

My dear friend C, who I haven’t seen for years, came round in the afternoon.  She brought a son, who is a few months younger than my son (they will both start Reception in September) and the two boys played together nicely.  We’ve agreed that we need to arrange a lunch with our other friends and that a cream tea could be fun.  I’ve had a little nose on the internet and this is what I like the look of:

2 thoughts on “Blocked ear

  1. A couple of years ago our daughter had blocked ears. The doc said to use the warm olive oil for 2 weeks then we went back and he used a kind of pin/hook and in 10 seconds pulled out a big glob from each ear. She never had the issue again.

    Have you been to the doc to rule out an infection?

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