Small pleasures

Recently my ears have kept getting blocked.  Not all the time – but whenever I have had a bath, it has felt as though I’ve been underwater for a good couple of days afterwards.  I’d put this down to having a cold but a couple of days ago, I got my husband to put some drops of Otex in my right ear.  O! The bliss!  I lay on one side for an hour, listening to my ear fizz and pop.  Yesterday was the third day I’d put drops in my right ear and it still fizzes so clearly that was the problem all along.  The only downside is that now I’ve softened up my earwax, dark brown stuff keep coming out my right earhole (but perhaps that is the point).

I’ll start on my left ear soon (I don’t want to do both ears at the same time as I am a bit deaf – but not very – immediately after I’ve done the drops and being deaf in both ears is a bit miserable).

I have been told that warmed olive oil will do the job just as well – and I’m sure it would – BUT then I wouldn’t get that delicious crackling.  You’ve got to love that urea hydrogen peroxide.

The other day, the children and I stopped to admire this mushroom growing out of a wall.

It looks like a brain!
It looks like a brain!

It’s rather sod’s law that I now can’t find the book about mushrooms I bought a while ago.

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