More clothes for the boy

So I have cheered up a bit now.  On Monday night, my son was really quite poorly and demanded that I stay in his room.  Which I did, it is nice to be wanted.

A few positives:

  1. I went to the hygienist yesterday and she said that I am doing a better job of cleaning my teeth than usual.  I have swapped to her recommended brand of toothpaste and she is moderately pleased with me (she is hard to impress).  I still need to do a better job of the back teeth but overall, it was positive.  Plus she said she liked my pink coat.
  2. After the hygienist, I popped into St Paul’s Cathedral and had a little wander around.  I’d forgotten that Nelson and Wellington were buried there.
  3. We’ve booked next year’s ski holiday!  We are going to Meribel and I am very excited.  It will be the first year that my daughter will be old enough to go to ski school.
  4. On the way home (I walked half the way, good for my step count), I passed this sign:

    Do you think many people start fighting at this building site?
    Do you think many people start fighting at this building site?
  5. I’ve started buying the kids’ clothes for summer.  I asked the people on Mumsnet whether there are any discount codes going for Landsend and ended up with 25% off.  Yay!  I need to do a cull of the boy’s clothes – half his trousers are in rags.
Summer trousers and polo shirts
Summer trousers and polo shirts
T shirts
T shirts

2 thoughts on “More clothes for the boy

  1. The sign is probably because of the guy stopping traffic… People get irritated and then ‘Road Rage’… Or its because of “Friday Night Fun” at the pub that ends with someone seeing the inside of an ambulance I just cleaned. >.>

    Not that I am bitter or anything.

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    1. Yes, Aldersgate is a bit of a main artery (and only one lane) so I could see how that would create road rage. The buses along there have all been diverted (but I think that stops at the end of the week).


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