Not a lot to report

Sunday was a dull day; my daughter was really poorly so I stayed at home with her while my husband and son went off to have round at B and M’s house.  My daughter napped from 12:30 until 6pm and then went to bed at 8:15pm until 9am the next morning.  So dull but not dreadful.

My husband and son turned up at 8:30pm, both covered in vomit.  My son had puked in the taxi just before they got home.  I don’t know whether the taxi driver was nice about it or not – I do know that he charged the £50 clean up fee.  Hey ho.

Yesterday, both children were poorly so it was another dull day.  I went out to the post office collection office to pick up a parcel but it turned out to be some washing machine delimescaler.  At least it got me out the house.

Sums up my mood
Sums up my mood

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