Death and poorly children

I found out the other day that the mother of an old school friend had died last year.  Although other people’s parents have died over the last few years, this was someone I knew and spent quite a bit of time with when I was little.  I’m not going to go on about this (I do hate a grief tourist) but I’m really quite sad about it.

B and M came over yesterday with their kids.  It was super to see them – we all went out for dinner at a place nearby called Akari (basically a gastropub that does Japanese food).  It was good – my son refused to eat anything raw but did dip his noodles in the sauce before eating them (seriously, this is progress).

Unfortunately, my daughter had started to feel a bit poorly so I don’t know how much she ate.  She was up quite a lot in the night and today I’ve had her hot little head and pink little cheeks resting on my chest.  So I’ve sent my husband and son off together to have fun without us.

Yes, I'm drinking a lot of these
Yes, I’m drinking a lot of these

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