So yesterday I went to pick up some girls’ leggings from Next.  Next is one of those shops that does some things (girls’ leggings and the odd top) brilliantly – the leggings are thick and hard wearing and really, dodgily, cheap.  Feel free to despise me for buying very cheap clothes.

However, there is a lot that doesn’t appeal to me.  I had a wander round the kids’ section and at least half the tops had writing on them.  This may be a feature of what they choose to put out in the Moorgate shop but it renders clothes invisible to me.  I don’t want to put my kids in tops that say Mummy’s Little Monster or Daddy’s Little Princess (this sort of thing).  I know that Let Clothes Be Clothes get rather cross about this too.

Also, I have a special hatred for Springwear.  Even in Summer, I don’t want to buy girls’ trousers or leggings in white, cream, oatmeal, light pink etc.  My daughter will spill things on them and they will look terrible.  And possibly see-through.

This is what I got
This is what I got

I think other people must feel the same way as I do because the red leggings were completely sold out in 2-3 years and there is a ten week wait for them in charcoal.  I did buy them in light green – this may be a mistake – and in bright pink – this was because it was part of a two-pair set and I wanted the stripy ones that came with them.

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