The Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs

On Wednesday night, my husband and I went out to the Kitchen Table, which is round the back of Bubbledogs.  I’d never been to either – Bubbledogs seems to be a very posh hotdog joint (bit of an oxymoron but it was a seriously nice place).  However, the Kitchen Table is through a curtain at the back and you eat a bunch of stuff while watching the kitchen staff make the next thing.  There were fifteen courses in total so we were quite full by the end.

Now, if I were a better and more committed blogger, I would have taken pictures of every course and written a little review of each.  I didn’t do this because:

  1. It annoys the kitchen and dining staff;
  2. It annoys the other people at the table; and
  3. It disrupts my evening.

Having said this, I did take a couple of photos to text to my friend M, who was meant to join us but bailed because she had to get up super early the next morning to fly to Italy for a meeting.


We had a great chat with the guy making the fish courses.  The Kitchen Table uses fish caught on day boats, never trawlers, where the nets are far gentler and the stuff they can’t use gets thrown back.  Also, did you know that there is currently a ban on catching sea bass?  Any sea bass bought in London restaurants is either not British or has been frozen.  I am in favour of letting the fish stocks revive but it is hard on the guys who make a living catching them.


We had the matched wines, which were superb.  One was actually a perry, which I’d had before at the Great British Beer Festival but this was fantastic.  Perhaps it went particularly well with the food.

This wasn’t a cheap evening.  But my goodness it was a good one.

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